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Since we started this journey, the hardest part was to put together a group of people with different professional backgrounds, where each member had his particular skills adding a complementary strength to create a solid team.

Rootness is committed to take your artistic project to another level. We master each step of the process to get the best results. We work with partners from all around the world to make sure your project will reach your audience.

Meet our team

Marketing Strategist

Isaias Vega, communication expert and founder of Eyetouch Creative Agency, a visual communication company based in Montreux, takes care of the artist's image management and marketing development in order to provide the artist with professional graphic elements for promotion.

Isaias Vega

Marketing & Communication

Sales Strategist

Thony Vega holds a CFMS certificate as a sound engineer and is the founder of "Planet V Music", a company that produces and manages musical projects. Thony Vega is mainly involved in music production and recording but also in public relations.

Thony Vega

Sales Strategist


Thibaud Dury


Supported by

Grégoire Liechti

Publishing Manager

Chief Executive of SIDOMUSIC Liechti & Cie - Member of the Suisa Council

Jean-Marie Fontana

Executive Music Producer

Ex-Sales Director of Universal Music Switzerland

Manon Baskalovic


Head of ENCOM1 association

Our strength

We have experience in various music genres, whether it is Pop Music, Hip Hop, EDM, Latin Music etc. Do not hesitate to show us your project.

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