Shaping your artistic career!


Rootness Agency, with more than 20 years of experience in the music and artistic business, provides to artists all the professional tools to show their talent at its best.

Since record companies stopped developing new artists, they are all having a hard time managing their passion and finding the right tools to get exposed professionally to make an impact.

Because of the disruption of the music industry, labels and mayors have become more demanding in terms of selecting new coming artists.

Why Choose Rootness

We are the only agency in Switzerland, fully committed to artists of all kind.

Artists need to be prolific and focused on the quality of their music and their creativity, however most of their time is polluted with marketing, contracts, promotion, paper work, etc. The only thing they have when they sign a record deal, is the lack of support from a professional team which forces them to be artists and entrepreneurs at the same time. 

We help you fill in your gaps

  • Our A&R will analyse your project and evaluate its potential
  • We’ll make a step-by-step-plan to fix your project’s weaknesses, before going any further
  • We determine the budget needed for your promotion and when it needs to get started
  • We keep you informed of the progress we make on your project, on the daily or weekly basis

Boost your project

  • Professional tools

    Our main purpose is to provide professional tools to artists who want to take their music to the next level.

  • Accurate promotion

    There are fans for every artist: if you're making good music, you must reach the people who like your style of music, allow them to find you, that's what we do...

  • More exposure

    Today there are more ways to be exposed than ever before, but all of these platforms limit your posts or promotion if you're not paying for. Rootness Talent Development manages your budget and targets the right audience for your music.

  • Get paid

    Music has multiple income sources and they can be very lucrative: streaming, publishing and shows are the basic ones, the rest are bonuses such as sponsoring, featuring, etc.

Our approach

Your Talent
  • Your Talent

    To develop an artistic career talent is not enough, but to have the intelligence to make that talent profitable by gathering the right information and getting surrounded by professionals and experienced people in this changing music industry, it is a first step.

Your Story
  • Your Story

    Your story is what shapes you as an artist. Your audience needs to identify theirselves through you or to be inspired by you.

Your Attitude
  • Your Attitude & effort

    Your story might say a lot about your journey, but not quite as much as your attitude: your personally has to be authentic and will separate people who like you from those who don't, those who will follow you and those who won't.

Your Brand
  • Personal Branding

    Your brand should be the symbol of the combination of your skills, your story and your attitude.

Your Team
  • Your Team

    Your fanbase is attracted if the four last points are coherent, make no mistake fans can't be fooled, hard to gain and very easy to lose. If you have got what it takes, please submit for a free evaluation.

What we do


We analyze your project
to come up with the best
strategy to launch your promo.


We correct, redesign and organize
your tools, by tools we mean: bio, pics, videos and social media, making them more professional and attractive


Once you have the right tools and
the best strategy, we release your music or your video and organize your promo to reach your new fans.


And with fans comes more gigs, airplays, labels interests and success.

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