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Do you want to make a living on music?

Today is the day to play differently ! How can you make a living on your music career if nobody hears about you ? Record labels don’t have a magic stick, they don’t want you to come and meet them, they don’t care about your demos, they care about what you’ve have done on your own so far, they want to notice you.

That’s our job!

It has never been this easy!

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Our services

Promotion Strategy

  • Tools checklist
  • Brainstorming
  • Marketing plan
  • Planning & agenda

Comm Tools

  • Biography
  • Photo shooting
  • Press release text
  • Light press-kit

Design Tools

  • Branding theme
  • Covers
  • Banners
  • Planning & agenda

Social Media Tools

  • Social media accounts
  • Content cleaning
  • Content type advice
  • Project posts

Media Pack

  • Video teaser
  • Video add
  • Interview
  • Media tour


  • Radio playlist mailing
  • TV playlist mailing
  • Youtube playlist
  • Spotify playlist submition


  • Financing
  • Record deal
  • Booking
  • Tour ready

Next Level Crossover

This pack covers all the services, strategy, releases, communication, promotion

Our packages

Starter Pack

Get a great communication basis
By quotation monthly
  • Comm tools

Pro Pack

Perfect deal for a single release
By quotation monthly
  • Comm tools
  • Promotion Strategy


Fan base growth and monetizing sales
By quotation monthly
  • Comm tools
  • Promotion Strategy
  • Design tools
  • Social Media tools

Next Level

Greater exposure, tour, media, etc.
By quotation monthly
  • Media Pack
  • Promotion
  • Management
  • Crossover

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